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Number of days per walkthrough

Average number of training hours per trainee (Annual)

Average per person travel cost

Average per person boarding and lodging cost

Average Trainer Cost per day

Average trainee salary per day

Average batch size

Number of walkthroughs per year

Which technology do you want to implement


Your estimated three-year net present value per transansaction

ROI: 490%

Financial Analysis (risk adjusted)


Based on your inputs and the assumptions made, the adoption of veative might have the following estimated financial impact on your organization.


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This interactive model has been developed internally. It is based on the cost and benefits derived by some of our customers.

Some of the quantified key benefits of investing in an immersive walkthrough platform include:

  • Knowledge transfer and accelerated training
  • Knowledge transfer and accelerated training
  • Reduced or almost nil travel cost
  • Reduced or almost nil boarding and lodging cost (boarding & lodging not required)
  • Reduced no of days per walk through (travel is not involved)
  • Saving in trainers cost (reduced training hours)
  • Saving in trainees cost (reduced training hours)
  • Reduced safety and compliance cost

By entering your metrics, you can determine a high-level estimate of the economic impact based on your specific business environment.

The default values are derived from our experience in working with our clients and the industry standards.


VEATIVE has created this calculator based on its experience of working with its customers and the benefits they have derived by using AR and VR in Immersive walkthroughs.

This calculator gives a rough estimate of cost savings that a customer may achieve. The actual results may vary and Veative is unable to accept any legal responsibility for any actions taken on the basis of the information contained herein. The tool is provided ‘AS IS,’ and Veative does not make warranties of any kind.


The reader should be aware of the following:
This interactive tool is developed and commissioned by Veative.

Veative makes no assumptions as to the potential return on investment that organizations will receive. See the Disclaimer section.

This interactive tool is not meant to be used as a competitive product analysis.

ROI Methodology


For this calculator, Veative employed four fundamental elements of ROI in modeling the financial impact of producing a ROI study: 1) cost and cost reduction, 2) benefits to the organization, 3) risk, and 4) flexibility.

The ROI methodology serves an extremely useful purpose by providing a complete picture of the total economic impact of purchase decisions.